Why ‘No Galahs’?

Cookitoo is an online marketplace where food professionals can list, search and book unused kitchen space in their area. We want to help local food businesses expand their business and create flexible work for foodies everywhere!

Originally called Sprout Kitchens and founded in 2016, in the Simplot Ignite accelerator program by Slingshot. Through a 12-week practical crash course on building product and getting traction, the co-founders James and Caroline truly built something beautiful. Every day we are making our way towards creating the platform that will facilitate the next wave of food tech innovation.

What’s Cooking?

James’ passion for food delivery started with a part-time job delivering outsourced room service to hotels in Melbourne. From bicycle delivery boy he worked his way up to managing the entire business full-time. Presented with an opportunity to move to Sydney, he facilitated the opening of the Sydney branch. 

James then launch his own crowdfunded on-demand delivery service in Sydney, Danny Burrito which paved the way to the ‘ah-ha’ Cookitoo idea, James noticed some key issues in the food delivery industry; 

  • The delivery times were long and unpredictable.  
  • Food quality was poor and there were limited options
  • The business model had limited scalability

Danny Burrito aimed to change this by utilising GPS tracking to manage riders, renting out multiple cafe’s and catering kitchens after hours, to act as satellite delivery hubs and providing a limited menu of quality food designed to be delivered. After realising that the food delivery industry was about to explode with large international companies expanding to Australia, they thought of a way to facilitate this growth, rather than compete with it.

So Cookitoo is now the platform that will help build the future of the food industry by lowing the barrier to entry for new and high growth food businesses. 

Return of Local

For the first time since machines and production lines, technology is making local industries profitable again.

Food is no different.

What if food products were;

  • Made in existing space, without the burden of an expensive lease.
  • By passionate foodies, working around their existing work/life schedule
  • Sold locally, by efficient logistical solutions.

This is called a cottage industry, but combined with technology we can connect all these different elements in a revolutionary way. Making it more efficient, more economical and mutually beneficial.

Cookitoo provides flexible commercial kitchen space for chefs who want to focus on their culinary creations. With Cookitoo they can access the kitchen they prefer, in the location they need, at a price they can afford and most importantly, only for the times they need it.

Finally, kitchen owners, chefs, and delivery riders can work together, focus on what it is they do best and be confident that the other links in the chain are taken care of.

Cookitoo is the final piece of the puzzle for the on-demand delivery economy, flexible kitchen space.