Kitchen Owners


Is my kitchen covered under any insurance?

Yes, Cookitoo is partnered with Chubb insurance to cover any property damage, theft, stock damage, business interruption and fire up to $10 m. Please refer to the Cookitoo Standards to view more about our insurance policy.


What security measures will be put in place to ensure that access is not give to unauthorised people who may damage the property?

Each individual that will enter your kitchen MUST be registered on our website, and only named individuals will have access to the lockbox codes which contain the keys.


How will my kitchen maintain proper cleanliness standards, so that I can still operate my business after the booking has concluded?

Cookitoo Standards are all inclusive of the instructions for regulatory cleanliness standards that adhere to the Food & Safety Authority. If these standards are not met, the kitchen user will be charged for their breach of contract, and the booking will be reviewed.


Why are reviews important?

Reviews provide both the kitchen owners and operators an idea of what previous owners/users have rated the individual. Through regularly reviewing kitchens and users, we maintain a professional standard in which our customers can take into account when booking.

Kitchen Operators


What is the minimum contract that I can book to use a kitchen?

The minimum contract is 3 months, for any enquiries on shorter periods, please contact us directly and we may be able to find a kitchen that will suit your needs.


What are the kitchen booking fees?

To help cover the costs of running Cookitoo, we charge a booking fee which is based on a percentage of the reservation total. 


What methods of payment does Cookitoo accept?

Cookitoo accepts PayPal and EFT which will be invoiced to the Operator once the booking is confirmed with the kitchen Owner.

Offline or cash payments are a violation of our Terms of Service, and can result in removal from the Cookitoo platform.