James Jordan

CEO - Co-founder

James has worked extensively in the food service industry. A food, technology and excel lover, he carries the perfect set of skills required to start a marketplace for commercial kitchens. He forayed into start-ups with an on-demand food delivery business he crowdfunded in 2014. The service utilised idle kitchen space to cook and delivery food from. After noticing a huge gap in the infrastructure and usage of kitchens, James quickly pivoted his business into founding Cookitoo to help food businesses find under-utilized kitchen space and start/expand their businesses.


Caroline Lepron

CSO - Co-founder

Caroline has a natural talent in sales. Her previous company was challenged with finding a viable commercial kitchen and after she met with James, she realised the number of businesses that are facing similar challenges. She joined the company as co-founder to help these food businesses build and expand through the platform. Her long-term goal is to create an impact on childhood obesity. She also loves to taste new cuisines and creates the best first impression for the company.


Rehan D’Almeida

Marketing Intern

Rehan comes with experience in communications and marketing, having worked closely with start-ups, technology firms and venture capitalists in India. He is currently pursuing his MBA and is helping the team in its marketing efforts. His passion for technology is showcased in his knowledge about the industry and his passion for food is not showcased by his weight.