How Cookitoo works

  1. Find a kitchen that matches your criteria
  2. Create a booking + process payment
  3. Before the booking you will receive the kitchen handbook with information about access and operation of the kitchen
  4. When you arrive complete the Check-in form
  5. If any issues arise at this time, record them in the form. For urgent issues contact 0468469005
  6. Pack down as per the Kitchen Handbook
  7. When you finish for the shift complete the check-out form.

That’s it, see you next time!

What’s expected from Chefs

We’re here if you need anything

If you get stuck, can’t get access or need to report an issue you can always call us; 0468469005, email us; or reach us on intercom;

Always pay through Cookitoo

We work hard to make sure Cookitoo is a great service and we can’t do that if you don’t support us. If you do decide to go direct to the kitchen you will not be covered by Cookitoo’s insurance.

Always complete the check-in/out process

You will need to produce the images you record from the check-in/out process if there is a cleaning or damages dispute. If you are not able to do so your security deposit may be withheld to cover the costs.


Cookitoo is a trusted community of foodies who are sharing their space and equipment to help other foodies. We believe in each other and trust each other to do the right thing and that way everyone gets to build their own #foodempire

Leave it how you found it

I’m sure you’re not, but a lot of chefs are pedantic about their kitchen, so treat their space with respect. Try to put equipment and utensils back in the same place you found it. You know how annoying it can be if something is moved and you can’t find it, so don’t inflict that pain on someone else!

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints

This goes back to the trust inherit in the platform but there will be times when stock is in storage and it’s important to note whose is whose. Label the shelves that are yours and keep everything seperate to avoid confussion.

About the booking

Making a reservation

There is a minimum of 4hrs for each booking, and although there is no cut off time for orders we recommend booking at least 48 hrs in advance.

Cancelling a reservation

Cancellations are generally accepted for a minimum of two weeks notice. The payment for the booking will be rolled over to your next booking, minus the booking fee. Cancellations inside two weeks will not be refunded.

Extra time

Chefs are expected to finish and clean within their reserved time. Please respect other people using the cooking space and plan appropriately. This means reserving enough time for loading and unloading, preparation and cleaning.

If you are still using the kitchen past your reserved time then you will be charged on a pro-rata basis for any extra hours used. If you prevent another Chef from using their reserved time then you must leave the kitchen immediately, if not the incoming user may be compensated accordingly.

Booking Fee

There is a booking fee of 15% included in the price listed on the Cookitoo website.

There are no additional fees for booking except when additional storage or similar is required. The price on the website is the total cost for the booking.