Why list your kitchen on Cookitoo?


You kitchen is costing you money sitting there empty, our kitchen can generate up to $3k/mth from listing with Cookitoo.

You can use that money to cover the rent, fix that broken equipment or just pocket the profit!

$10m insurance + Security deposits

We have a $10 million insurance coverage from Chubb that covers including but not limited to; equipment damage, property damage, theft and loss of trade. For any minor incidences we also hold a $500 deposit for every booking.

High standards

We have strict standards that are maintained by our check-in and out process plus the kitchen handbook that your staff help create to make sure everything is kept as you like it.

FSS + Public liability

All chefs on the Cookitoo platform must have a current Food Safety Supervisor certificate and there own Public Liability, to ensure you are not liable for any products they sell.

How to list

Listing is easy!

  1. Go to https://www.cookitoo.com/#/kitchenSignUp and click ‘Add Kitchen”
  2. Fill out the details
  3. One of our staff will review the information
  4. We will then send you a confirmation that the listing is live!

Setting the rate

Our pricing is based on an hourly rate, which is based on the 3 key criteria below.

You can either set the price yourself or if you are unsure you can leave the price blank and our staff will set the price based on other similar listings. You can always update it later!


Bronze Level

Bench space


Silver Level



Gold Level

Combi oven

Cold storage

Dry storage

The kitchens start at a basic Bronze level which is similar to a prep kitchen, and go up to the Gold which is a full commercial fit out with storage.


If you’re looking for a kitchen closer to the city, again you are going to be paying more than if you can use a kitchen in the outer suburbs.

Times available

Off-peak - 00:00 to 08:00

Peak - 08:00 to 24:00

There are peak (8am to 11pm) times and there are off-peak (11pm to 8am) times, so kitchens that are available during peak hours will ask a higher price.



Bench + stove

30 mins for the city

Available overnight


Full commercial fit out

CBD lkocation

Available from 2pm to 2am 7 days.

What's expected from kitchens

Accept bookings and avoid canceling

When a booking request comes through respond promptly and make sure you plan for the booking to avoid cancelling. Cancelling within 7 days could leave your kitchen with a negative review.

Stock up on essentials

The kitchen must provide cleaning products, towels, fryer oil etc, so keep these items stocked and on-hand for the bookings.

Make it easy for the chef

  • Set-up a lock box and allow easy access to the building with clear instructions.
  • Detailed handbook - the more details you put in the handbook the better you will find the kitchen after the booking. Leave it empty and you can’t expect the chef to do exactly what you’d like.
  • Cleanlisness process and standards - if you have existing hygene and cleaning processes send them to Cookitoo and adk fo them to be included in the handbook.
  • Extra tips - if htere are any nuances to the kitchen like, stand on one leg and turn the stove ingnither thrice before using the front left burner, then include that. Again the more info you can provide the easy it will be.

  • Ask questions if you need support

    We are here to support you and make sure your existing business is not disrupted at all so if you have any queries or question then don’t hesitate to call us; 0468469005, email us; bookings@cookitoo.com or reach us on intercom; https://www.cookitoo.com/

    Booking Info

    Accepting bookings

    Bookings are made for a minimum of 4hrs and when a booking is made you will be notified by email for confirmation.

    Casual or Regular

    You can choose to accept Casual bookings or only Regular bookings. The difference being Casual bookings will be Chefs looking for event space or catering space, so it will not be the same time every week. Regular bookings are Chefs who have a food delivery business or something similar where the hours are fixed every week.


    A booking may be cancelled by either party up to 2 weeks before the booking. If a booking is cancelled by the kitchen within 2 weeks of the booking date, a relocation fee may be charged to the kitchen.


    Payment will be made to the kitchens nominated bank account by the end of the month, for all the bookings that took place in the previous month.


    Cookitoo charges a 10% service fee to cover the insurance and platform management, this is deducted from the monthly payouts.