Basil’s Brookvale, Sydney

A catering kitchen with large production line along with great equipment and location

About this kitchen

Gold Licence catering facility for hire on a long term basis. Top of the line equipment with large production line, ideal for catering of food production.

1 x  Bench Space
1 x  Cool Room
1 x  Combi (Steam) Oven
1 x  Dishwasher
1 x  Dry Storage
1 x  Convection Oven
1 x  Gas Stove
1 x  Planetary Mixer
1 x  Robot Coupe
1 x  Salamander
1 x  Stick blender
1 x  Baking Trays
1 x  Mixing Bowls
1 x  Stock/soup Pots

Usual Availability

Saturday-Sunday Allday Monday 5:30pm-8:30am


Hourly rate *$34.5

* You must book at least 4 hours

Security Deposit: $500.00

All rates include booking fee and insurance.

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