Garlic Glebe, Sydney

A well equipped kitchen available near broadway shopping centre during the weekdays and weekends.

About this kitchen

2 x  Basket Deep Fryer
1 x  Upright Freezer Storage
1 x  Convection Oven
1 x  Hand Sink
1 x  Microwave
1 x  Basic Utensils
1 x  Chopping Boards
1 x  Chef’s Knives
1 x  Sauce Pans
1 x  Stock/soup Pots
1 x  Mixing Bowls

Usual Availability

Weekdays early morning till 5pm and also in the night after 12am and for a whole day on Sunday.


Hourly rate *$34.5

* You must book at least 4 hours

Security Deposit: $500.00

All rates include booking fee and insurance.

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