Licorice's Chatswood, Sydney

Kitchen fully equipped with wood fired oven

About this kitchen

This kitchen is fitted with brand new equipment and utensils. Wood fired oven, griddle, double deep fryer and large stove. Located in a great location in Chatswood.

1 x  Bench Space
1 x  Cool Room
1 x  Deep Fryer
1 x  Flat Grill
1 x  Dishwasher
1 x  Gas Stove
1 x  Salad Fridge
1 x  Microwave
1 x  Baking Trays
1 x  Mixing Bowls
1 x  Sauce Pans
1 x  Stock/soup Pots


Hourly rate *$34.5

* You must book at least 4 hours

Security Deposit: $500.00

All rates include booking fee and insurance.

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