Nutmegs North Melbourne, Melbourne

Mon-Sun: 24/7||$58.50/hr

About this kitchen

16 x  Benchs
8 x  Regular Gas Oven
1 x  Cool Room
1 x  Basket Deep Fryer
1 x  Dishwasher
1 x  Shelves of Dry Storage
8 x  Burner Gas Stove
1 x  Hand Sink
1 x  Pot Sink
1 x  Chest Freezer Storage
1 x  Kitchen Aid Mixer
1 x  Microwave
1 x  Salamander
1 x  Sandwich Press
1 x  Stick blender
1 x  Baking Trays
1 x  Basic Utensils
1 x  Chef’s Knives
1 x  Chopping Boards
1 x  Mixing Bowls
1 x  Sauce Pans
1 x  Scales
1 x  Stock/soup Pots


Hourly rate *$58.5

A security deposit of $500.00 will be deducted for your first booking.

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